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Tech Forum

Software Professional Association of Greater Delaware Valley (SPAGDV) is the collaboration of service and product oriented Information technology companies and IT professionals with a common voice and goals. SPAGDV goal is to bring together Greater Delaware Valley corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, as well as technology and business professionals, representing almost every major company in the area. Also it provides a common venue for, information advocacy, promote growth opportunities, community involvement, business innovation and to reach out to the government representatives in the time of need. Our organization brings together IT Professionals and diversified IT companies with similar goals and interests, even though we are competitors to each other, we share several things in common.

  • Educate policy makers and elected officials and regulatory bodies on IT staffing and ensure the viability and sustainability of this business model.
  • Get an edge over the competition and stay informed of industry news and trends and avoiding any pitfalls.
  • Getting to know each other through networking and knowledge sharing and help each other to become more successful every day.
  • Committing to best practices and following high ethical standards in business practices.


  • SPAGDV is dedicated to creating value for its members through programs that foster professional growth and personal enrichment.
  • To serve as a single voice and to safe guard interests of the IT Professionals and IT Consulting/product development organizations.
  • To provide a common platform for IT companies to network and promote business growth by committing to high ethical standards.