Genesis Microsolutions, Inc.

About You



We do things a bit differently around here.


Total Disclosure: one of our consultants once said “I know exactly where I stand with Genesis. How much they are billing the client, how much of that bill rate I am being paid, what makes me valuable to them and the client and what skills I should further develop to become more valuable.”

Honesty and Integrity: Genesis conducts its business with the highest level of business integrity. That’s part of why we succeed.

Guidance: As with any family member, we have your interests at heart. We guide you throughout the entire hiring process to help you be successful.

Fair rates: Our business model allows us to pay our consultants at a higher rate than most. We stay lean on the administrative side so that we can pass those dollars onto our talent.


Large talent pool:  we have the ability to seek out the hard-to-find talent. “Unlimited resources to optimize your most important asset”.

Diverse set of Skills: We have expertise across a wide range of disciplines with insight into industry developments and emerging technologies.

Get what you pay for: because of the Genesis business model, you get EXCEPTIONALLY high level consulting services at a fair price.

Genesis MicroSolutions has supplied high-end business analysts and technical experts to my most critical initiatives for over 15 years.  These people have become indispensable members of the teams.  The success of these initiatives is directly attributable to them.”  Jim Martinko, DLL